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September Employee Celebrations


Justin Rambur- September 1

Preston Engelhard- September 3

Isaac Marschall- September 3

Shawn Weekes- September 4

Blake Malo- September 5

Gerard Leingang- September 7

Melissa Varriano- September 9

Roy Poppe- September 10 

Brent Hoff- September 10

Trevor Tekippe- September 16

Erik Hein- September 19

Becca Emineth- September 20

Jordan Williams- September 25

Daniel Emineth- September 29


Gerard Leingang- September 1st(4 yrs.)

Christopher Leiss- September 1st(4 yrs.)

Gene Van Lishout- September 1st(30 yrs.)

Marvin Lepp- September 2nd(5 yrs.)
Maynard Roll- September 3rd(34 yrs.)

Jon Wolski- September 3rd(6…
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#WhosWhoWednesday | Charlie Bell

#WhosWhoWednesday | Charlie Bell 

Meet Charlie, a Sales and Leasing Consultant at Kupper Subaru! In just a few days, on August 7th Charlie celebrates his 2nd year anniversary! 

When Charlie's not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and son Branson who LOVES cars. So much so, they like to drive through the lot and Branson likes to name off the brands as they drive by the models. He is a future Sales and Leasing Consultant for sure! 

Charlie excels at customer service as he's held various restaurant positions, so happy clients are a top priority…
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